Gutter Cleans

Gutter Cleans

Gutter Cleans

Anderson Roofing are experts in gutter systems and treatments. We have 20 years of experience installing and repairing gutter lining systems in the Scotland and understand the importance of secure, efficient and leak-free gutter systems.

There are three main types of gutter lining systems in the UK. Glass fibre lining is by far the most common. It’s fitted to the gutter on-site and solidifies to form a waterproof barrier. These types of gutter lining systems are praised for their long term durability. Rubber-based gutter lining systems are suitable when speedy installation is a priority, the process involves a sheet being laid across the gutter. While they are simple to install, this type of system carries an increased risk of tears and leaks.

Polyurethane or silicone coatings are just as durable as fibreglass and don’t carry the risk of leaks associated with a rubber-based lining. Of the different types of gutter lining systems in the UK, these coatings are the newest yet they are nonetheless growing fast in popularity and can sometimes be combined with a rubber-based lining. They are particularly useful on roofs where existing gutter lining systems have proven inadequate.

None of these gutter lining systems is immune to faults. Seasonal wear and tear can cause blockages or leaks. Should an issue arise, Anderson roofing are on hand to assist. We offer a variety of gutter treatments, including cleaning and repairs to broken areas. If your gutter lining systems are demonstrating flaws, our professionals can make them secure again.

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