Flat Roof Repairs

Flat Roof Repairs

Flat Roof Repairs

Properly built, a flat roof is a blessing – poorly made, they are a liability. Flat roof construction delivers significant savings in materials and costs and can last 30 – 50 years without attention when suitably designed.

Modern flat roof construction materials provide commercial architects with lots of flexibility. A soundly built roof is an opportunity to relocate noisy HVAC installations, solar panels, communication dishes, an outdoor gym or terrace area.

Throughout much of the world, roofs often sport barbecue kitchens, laundry facilities, satellite dishes and herb gardens. Flat roof insulation and waterproofing can deliver that to our space-starved British homes. Flat roof repair and construction has taken enormous strides since the conservatories and garage conversions of the seventies and eighties.

Whether you are contemplating a new build or need a flat roof repair, it is crucial to appreciate that flat roofs do not represent a slap-dash operation. Choose quality materials and quality builders if you wish for a longer-term economical solution.

Know your options

There are many new materials and approaches, so always begin by consulting roofing and flat roof repair specialists.

Modified bitumen technologies (MBR) and new built-up-roof materials (BUR) can provide improved resistance to UV and weathering. Roof layers and membranes to choose from now include improved felts and asphalts, EPDM rubber, PVC, TPO, FPO, TPE, PIB, CSPE, neoprene, metals, and even living plants (sedums, grasses, mosses).

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